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2006.03.23. – Nenad Bach – CROWN – Croatian World Network Newsletter

Dear All
to start. Story about Australian Handball player Bevan Calvert,
connected to CROWN. Power of good will and what sport should
be about. Pixletown, a new book by Marija Miletic Dail. Signing
will happen in San Pedro. Take a notice. Marija is a top Hollywood
producer and an all time Croatian patriot.

Pixletown idea
is great and original. Nikola Tesla will be remembered for
his genius. Dr. Kolibas informed us about Western Australian
community and how do they intend to celebrate 150 years of
Licanin Nikola’s birth. Lynne Yelich, a MP in Canada will
visit Zadar 2006 for the Croatian World Games. Check
her webpage. Janica Kostelic, breaking records and wining
whatever is winnable. Truly amazing. I hope you’ll get some
rest Janica. Croatian Naive Art at Kellusion Art Gallery in
St. Petersburg, Florida. Check the dates and opening night.
Weekly Bulletin from Croatian Embassy in Washington DC. Always
interesting and informative. The Croatian Neuropsychology
Group calls for members. PhoneCroatia, the best price/quality
ratio in the world. Call your relatives in Croatia who usually
drive better cars and had cell phones much before we did,
and do not let them bankrupt. Poet Ivan Dobra Zirjanin, shows
his talent and many poetry books. Call him to buy his
book or ask him for evening of poetry or/and if you like it
send him compliments. The Love you take is equal to the love
you make. You haven’t seen anything like this. Wanda Radetti
said that Croatia is a destination for baby boomers. See the
printed article. Another honorary Croatian, Risha Cupit, a
talented photographer, who is learning Croatian. There are
many of you who started this way. Assist her if she needs
it. Dr. Matko Marusic’s new book. Medicine from Inside premiers
in a few days. If in Zagreb, go and say hello to him. Heard
about Curling? Croatian Women are European Champions. (see
under in p.s.). Matica Iseljenika, holds workshops for Istrian
Music and Naive Art. If you are willing to say your opinion
for the Pd.D. theses and you are Croatian American, or once
lived in the USA, help Anita Brkanic in achieving her goal.
Dayton needs revision. Dr. Cuvalo sends declaration. UK lifts
visas for Croatians. Now, if you travel through London and
have Croatian passport, you do not need visa any more. London
is not just about visas, recently truth about English involvement
in our Liberation War is surfacing. And there is nothing good.
English openly supported Milosevic. Whether they admitted
or not. Evidence are overwhelming. Now, the question is what
do we do about it. As it always is. Not what they’ve done
but what we do. Nationa strategy. Klapa Sound and clean energy, few
of mine passions. Silver Lake Festival, will show Croatian
Films, in Hollywood. If you are interested, Miles Raguz will
have presentation of his book "Who Saved Bosnia" in New York
on March 26th. Croatia joined EU renewable energy program.
That is one good thing. I see Croatia as a National Park of
the world, with completely renewable sources of energy. Organist
Mario Perestegi in Concert on USA Tour. Ivana Milicevic
got a role in a new James Bond movie. Ines Wurth in Boston
with her awarded show. Read Korijeni. Iranian women film directors
held news conference in Zagreb.Bird Flu? Serious, but you
got to laugh too..and more.
Svako dobro,
p.s. Curling originated
in the 16th century in Scotland, where games were played during
winter on frozen ponds, lochs and marshes. The earliest-known
curling stones came from the Scottish regions of Stirling
and Perth and date back to 1511. The earliest reports of curling
came from Paisley Abbey, Scotland, in 1541. In the early days
of the sport, stones were taken from river bottoms. In the
1600s, stones with handles were introduced, allowing a delivery
style similar to what is used today. The key developments
in the sport in the 20th century have been the standardisation
of the stone and the use of indoor, refrigerated ice facilities.
Curling for men was included in the programme in 1924.
Read, listen and watch  Ivica
Grgic’s webpage www.011385.com that
is constant since its start. Listen Ivica being interviewed
for the first time as an editor in chief.  Support him. Read
new Croatian Chronicle. www.croatianchronicle.com that
came out. Subscribe and support this newspapers that we waited
for a long time and now that we have it, spread the word.
Use www.phonecroatia.com
the best price in the world. 5.7 cents to call Croatia. 2.8
cents to call Germany. This way you support CROWN. This page
is sponsored by NFCA. www.nfcaonline.com .

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