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Frano Budimlić


Serving as (ex)president for life, Croatia’s post-modern and hyper-realistic “Tito,” Stipe Mesic, is back from his timely trip to China. He was conspicuously missing during the past week; during a week that saw Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac receive draconian sentences at the conclusion of a political show trial in The Hague.

What exactly Mesic was doing in China, nobody knows – and nobody seems to care. What is important, however, is why the always outspoken Mesic wasn’t at home – in the land that has granted him autocratic and dictator-like privilege in retirement (official residence and a corporate account) – to witness, first hand, a crescendo of national (mis)interest to which he, like no other, contributed to most.


The Republic of Croatia will not only be known as the state that sold out its war-time military commanders for years to come – the very same men that brought life to the Republic and salvaged her very existence – but she will always be known as the nation whose electorate majority voted Europe’s greatest traitor to power, twice. If not for the Croatian constitution, Mesic would have ran for a third term – and probably would have won. Fear not! Mesic’s successor, Josipovic, is doing a fantastic job and is currently taking Croatia past bounds that not even Mesic himself would have endeavored. Treason is galactic in Croatia. After all, Greater Serbia is “heavenly,” isn’t she?

Marginalized patriot groups, politicians and publicists have been sounding the alarms since the on-set of Mesic’s two-term treachery in 2000. Ridiculed and ostracized time and again, Croatian patriots called Stipe Mesic a traitor and provided the proof to boot. Consider, it isn’t very hard to prove Mesic’s treason; for he himself committed it brazenly and with suicidal bravado. Yet, despite the proof slapping them in the face, Croatians elected their arch-enemy president, twice. Let’s re-cap Mesic’s stately highlights:

-Mesic reinvented himself politically like no other. He repeatedly shed political and ideological jerseys like a chameleon changes color and a snake sheds its skin. He made the trip from 90’s-era faux “ustasa,” to a 2000’s neo-communist “anti-fascist”

-Mesic is the first ever president in history that has admitted to testifying against his country and people in front of a foreign court, without recourse

-Mesic is the first ever president in history that literally jokes about the most serious of social and political topics in the nation and world

-Mesic is the first president in history that told morbid jokes about his dead predecessor (Tudjman) to foreign journalists and dignitaries

-Mesic is the first, and only, president that invited foreign journalists (British Channel 4) and operatives into his predecessor’s archives

-Mesic released the now-famous “Brijun transcript,” (its authenticity is highly disputed and feared tampered with and/or doctored), a transcript of Croatian National Security Council meeting held in late July 1995 during which the late Franjo Tudjman issued final orders to his commanders to begin the execution of Croatia’s liberation action, “Storm.” That same “Brijun transcript” mysteriously landed on the desk of Slobodan Milosevic’s defense team’s table at the ICTY before it made its way to the Gotovina/Markac/Cermak proceedings

-Mesic retired 6 active Croatian generals, among them, Ante Gotovina – making them open prey to ICTY investigators and the prosecution. He falsely accused the generals of planning a South-American style military putsch and called their dismissal his “greatest decision”

The list of Mesic’s treason and transgressions against the Croatian nation can go on, ad nauseam.


Upon returning from his (un)official trip to China, Mesic has released a statement to Rijeka’s Novi List characteristically transferring blame for the release of the “Brijun transcript” to the prosecution in The Hague. He has now named Tomislav Karamarko, Jadranka Kosor’s current Minister of Interior, responsible for the disclosure and release of the “Brijun transcript.” Nota bene, Tomislav Karamarko worked for Mesic in 1999 and was the key operative in his presidential campaign. In 2000, Karamarko was named Croatia’s top spy, heading the Office of National Security. A twisted web, in deed. Will the nation survive its untangling?


In the same statement to Novi List on 21 April, 2011, Stipe Mesic, apparently having out-done himself, claims that the late Franjo Tudjman was aware of Croatian war crimes (sic!) and that he “heard” from one of Tudjman’s top ministers at the time that Serbian villages were being “burned in intervals of three.” How exactly Mesic could have been near one of Tudjman’s ministers in 1995 (he was booted from HDZ, along with UDBA/OZNA murderer Josip Manolic, in 1993 after a failed party coup-attempt that would have left Croatia leader-less and partitioned indefinitely by Serbian occupation) is a question that the George Soros bought “Croatian” media will likely never ask!!

Put simply, Stipe Mesic has now accused the late Franjo Tudjman of knowing that Serbian villages were being torched in Slavonija (sic!) and has accused the Croatian military (he was himself, Commander in Chief of that same military) of committing war-crimes (sic!).


Those of you that are suddenly “shocked” that generals Gotovina and Markac received 24 and 18 year prison sentences respectively, you probably voted for and/or supported Stipe Mesic. If you suddenly “can’t sleep at night” wondering how in the world Ante Gotovina, the warrior that commandeered Operation Storm and lifted the Croatian tri-color atop Knin’s fortress in 1995, landed in jail – you probably voted for and/or supported Ivo Josipovic. Josipovic, the son of a Yugoslav communist judge and persecutioner that jailed Croatian patriots (students and politicans alike) at the end of the Croatian Spring in 1971. Ivo Josipovic wrote the Croatian law that handed legal jurisdiction of Operations “Flash” ( liberation of Western Slavonija) and “Storm” ( liberation of Lika, Banija and Northern Dalmatia) over to the ICTY once his SDP party-leader, late Ivica Racan, won power in 2000. To add insult to injury -Josipovic, in light of Gotovina’s conviction – has now called for negotiating a settlement as opposed to carrying Croatia’s legal suit against Serbia for genocide to its finality. 

Frano Budimlic

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