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Doboj – do005e

SURNAME:                                                    xxxxxx
NAME, FATHER’S NAME:                xxxxxxxx
DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH:        1943. Šavarlije, općina Doboj, B-H
RESIDENCE:                                      Šavarlije,  općina Doboj, B-H
TEMPORARY RESIDENCE:                        
MARITAL STATUS:                          
NATIONALITY:                                             Muslim

I give the following
June 18, 1992, the Serb paramilitary forces began the ethnic cleansing
of my home village Šavarlije in the county of Doboj. On that day they
surrounded our village, four kilometers in length, and the infantry
entered it. They than began forcing men, women and children out of the
houses. Some of the men were killed on the spot. I was an eye-witness
to the Chetnik massacre of nine men from my village. Most of them were
my relatives, and the names were: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The commanding
officer for these massacres was a Chetnik commander, Nikola Jorgić
called "Jorga". I do not know the names of the actual executors. Most
were masked and wore balaclavas over their heads. Apart from these
massacres, they also pillaged the houses. Mostly they took technical
appliances and loaded them onto trucks brought with them. From the
residents they took gold and foreign currency. They took from me 2,000
German Marks. They burnt sixty to seventy houses that day. Twenty-six
neighbors and I were taken to the detention camp on Usora. The
facilities they turned into the camp belonged earlier to the Yugoslav
People’s Army (JNA). The mechanization of JNA was still there. I was at
the camp for two months. I stress that additional 27 of my neighbors
were killed during the cleansing of my home village Šavarlije. I
learned this from my brother xxxxxxxx who took part in the burrial of
these people.
I gave this statement of my own free will, and
should I remember anything else, I shall add it to the statement.
In Zagreb, December 1992

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- Stranica se trenutno korigira - Page is under construction -