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Bosanski Novi – bn001e

SURNAME:                                        xxxxxx
NAME, FATHER’S NAME:    xxxxxxxxx
EMPLOYMENT:                                Bosanski Novi, B-H
MARITAL STATUS:              
CITIZENSHIP:                                    Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina
NATIONALITY:                                 Muslim

I give the following
one year of service in the village of Hožići near Bosanski Novi, the
war caught up with me in that area. In the first half of May 1992,
Muslims were given an ultimatum by the Serb paramilitaries to hand over
all weapons. The shelling of Muslim villages in the county of Bosanski
Novi began after that. Muslim town districts of Urije and Prkosanje
were shelled, as well as the villages of Gornji Agići, Donji Agići,
Blagaj, Suhača and Hožići. I stress the fact that there were no
organized Muslim army formations in any of these places.
May 25, 1992, all Muslim civilians from the nine surrounding Muslim
villages (Gornji Agići, Donji Agići, Hožići, Suhača, Crna Rijeka,
Dedići, Blagaj, Blagaj Rijeka and Ekići) were escorted to the village
of Blagaj Japra. At that moment there were about 4,000 to 5,000 Muslim
residents, of whom more than 70% were women and children. We were
accommodated in private houses until June 9, 1992, and each day we were
subjected to shelling by the Serb irregulars in the near-by hills.
that ill-remembered June 9, the Serb irregulars brought reinforcements
and tanks, and then opened up fire on the innocent and unarmed Muslim
civilians. Ten civilians were killed and many wounded. The Serb
irregulars were accompanied by the soldiers of the Yugoslav People’s
Army (JNA), Territorial Defense of the Serb Krajina, Serb police forces
and some special units with Serb fur caps from the Banija region. Their
chief organizer and ideological leader was Radomir Pašić, president of
the county council of Bosanski Novi.
Japra firm was used by them as a gathering center, and I was an
eye-witness to the murder of Ibrahim Burzić called Burza on the grounds
of the firm. He was killed by his Chetnik neighbor just because he
recognized him. I do not know anything about this Chetnik.
were loaded onto a freight train from this gathering center, and taken
in an unknown direction. During the loading onto the train, some
fifteen people were separated and led away. I do not know their destiny
to this day. I knew only thirty year-old Sifet Bajraktarević from
Suhača out of the separated men. We travelled all night by this train,
and at 8:00 a. m. we stopped at Ostružno near Doboj. We were forced out
of the wagons there and women, children and the elderly were separated
to one side and men to the other. Men were again put onto the train and
brought back to Bosanski Novi, while the women and children were taken
in an unknown direction. In Bosanski Novi we were put on the stadium,
and we stayed there from June 11 to July 23, 1992. During that time
they tortured us with hunger and scared us daily by shooting over our
heads. The day before leaving this camp, fifteen people were taken away
and I do not know what happened to them. From this group I knew Haso
Isaković and his son from Suhača, Salko Muković who was a teacher in
Donji Agići, Resad Berberović from Bosanski Novi, and a certain
Džaferović whose name I cannot remember. Later I heard from my
colleague, Bekir Alić, that he met Haso Isaković’s son who said that
most of these fifteen men taken from the stadium were killed, including
his father Haso.
forgot to mention that during the time spent in Blagaj, members of the
Serb special police forces came on several occasions and enquired about
two imams, Sulejman Kuburić and Sefik Šišić who worked with me in that
area. I also stress that there were thirteen mosques in the Bosanski
Novi county that were destroyed, including imam apartments.
have nothing more to say at this time. In case I remember any new
details, I am ready to add them to this statement. I gave this
statement of my own free will, and confirm this with my signature.
Zagreb, December 1992.

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