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Frano Budimlić


At the time of writing, the British intelligence media outpost in Croatia -Jutarnji List- reports that the homes of seven officers of the Croatian Armed Forces were ransacked by members of the Interior ministry.  In search of artillery logs from Operation “Storm,” artillery logs that do not exist, the Croatian police have invaded the privacy and homes of retired Croatian officers. -suspected of “concealing” the infamous logs that, once again, do not exist.  Never in recorded history has the government of a supposed independent republic ordered its Interior Ministry to do the bidding of a politicized UN War Crimes Tribunal.  Croatia, however, is the exception that proves the rule.  For Croatia is rightfully known as the country of precedent.





Shortly after Jutarnji List, via its web portal, reported that the action took place, a subsequent report was published that exclaims “important documents were found in the homes of the officers, quite possibly the missing artillery logs!”  The entire article was penned by the notorious journalist turned British spook, Gordan Malic.


The Croatian government, led by Jadranka Kosor, along with the soon-to-be- former president, Stjepan Mesic, are continuing the joint destruction of what was once known as Croatian sovereignty.  The latest episode of cowardly treason has taken place today with the invasion of Croat homes.  Not just anyone’s homes.  But the homes of Croatian officers.  This is the newest in line of treasonous precedents that have been set since the death of Croatian president Franjo Tudjman.



How can a government commit such treasonous acts against its own military commanders, you ask?


The Croatian state is legally obligated to cooperate with UN ICTY in The Hague.  What constitutes or encompasses that obligatory cooperation?  Reminder:  The Croatian state need NOT cooperate with the Tribunal’s prosecution if the prosecution seeks to or attempts to break Croatian constitutional laws and compromise Croatian national security.  Why then does the Croatian government submit to the every whim of the prosecution of the ICTY?  Because of the promise and “reassurance” that Croatia will be granted EU accession.  While this masquerade is conducted, the Croatian government, in cahoots with the prosecution at the ICTY, breaks its own constitutional laws; it endangers the civil rights of its own citizens and it locates and apprehends members of its own military forces.  To sum it up, it commits treason.  In Croatia, truth is definitely stranger than fiction.




Major powers in Europe, particularly Britain and the Netherlands, do not envision (to put it lightly) Croatia as an independent state, let alone one of the future members of the European Union.  It has constantly been their political and diplomatic objective to not only destroy Croatian hopes for EU-accession, but to once again complete the reunion of all the republics that gained independence from the totalitarian communist, Serb-dominated Yugoslavia.


National sovereignty has been systematically dismantled in the Republic of Croatia and its entire national life revolves around begging for EU acceptance and cooperation with the ICTY in the Hague which the listed major powers use as an intelligence instrument to devour Croatian independence and statehood.




Virtually all the presidential candidates in Croatia promise to continue the tragic display of treason except one:  Dr. Miroslav Tudjman.


He has throughout his career and presidential campaign analytically proved that Croatia is on the brink of disaster, set to peacefully relinquish its independence and sovereignty won in a bloody war of defense only 14 short years ago.  This will transpire if Croatia doesn’t change her course soon, and begin to act like a free and independent state without the political tutorship and detraction of her sworn enemies.


The presidential elections will be one of plebiscite in which the Croats will decide their very fate at the polls.  By choosing virtually all of the other candidates, Croatia will choose foreign domination, neo-colonization and quite possibly – a total loss of national sovereignty.  If the Croats choose Tudjman, they will strike a major blow to the treasonous elites in Zagreb and re-embark on the course his father, Franjo Tudjman, set for the nation.  Simply put: That course is national survival and success.




Rarely does any given nation get the chance to send a resounding and historic message to the entire democratic world, in particularly Europe and the EU.  The Croats will not only be voting on who will lead their country, but which path he will be leading them down.  On DEC. 27th, the Croat people have the opportunity to tell world elites they are tired of foreign domination; exhausted by blackmail and bribery; tired of neo-colonization and monetary hegemony.  They can proudly re-claim their country and put and end to the treason and the political/economic misery that have befallen the young nation.  It’s time to send a message.  And what better way to do it than by electing the son of the man that put Croatia on the map.




Frano Budimlic


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