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Frano Budimlić

2009.10.11. – Could Mesic Succeed Castro?

In light of what many interpret to be the invisible hand of the United States helping Croatia along to EU accession, many are scratching their heads as to why Croatia’s president, Stjepan Mesic, would choose to make an untimely official visit to communist Cuba.  If it’s true that the State Department has twisted Slovenia’s arm, forcing the unblocking of EU chapters, why would the nation’s president make an unnecessary visit to Raul Castro?  The duty of the nation’s president, according to the Croatian constitution, is to lead diplomacy, not to undermine it.

If memory serves me correct, it was the United States of America that played a major role in Croatia’s defense and liberation.  While it’s true that George H. Bush’s administration was more than unwilling to take even diplomatic action in Croatia’s struggle for freedom, the US, led by the successor Clinton administration, had a heavy hand to deal in the outcome of the then “Balkan wars.”

Most will, like myself, question why Richard Holbrooke -as special envoy to the Balkans- halted the military assault led by Ante Gotovina (monitored by NATO & CIA) in the liberation of Bosnia and Hercegovina.  Remember, Gotovina’s forces, after having successfully recaptured Croatian territory in the illegitimate “krajina region,” fatally pierced Bosnian Serb defense and marched on to the outskirts of Banja Luka in a matter of weeks.  Banja Luka was his for the taking.  Had Gotovina seized Banja Luka, we would not be pondering the future of the Bosnian proctectorate state.  A chaotic, Frankenstein “nation,” once again, teetering on a brand new disaster.

It is said that Banja Luka’s population numbered in the hundreds of thousands in late August of 1995.  Therefore it is understandable why an end was brought to the brilliant offensive.  Had Gotovina marched into the city, and there’s no doubt that he would have, we would have witnessed a humanitarian catastrophe not seen since the second world war.  Surely, the Serbs would have fled to Belgrade.  Much like they fled from “krajina” to Banja Luka in the preceding days.  That’s what happens in national/ethnic wars.  Such would have been the cost for undoing Serbian imperialism.  Did they deserve that type of outcome?  You be the judge. Unlike the Croats in ’91 and ’92, cleansed from their homes (from their own country!) by Serbian aggression, the Serbs would not have carried their belongings in shopping bags during a long walk to safe territory.  They would have most likely created a comfortable path to Belgrade in stolen cars and tractors.

Mesic’s role in Gotovina’s Tragedy

We can very easily tally the results of Mesic’s two-term presidency (10 yrs. of treachery).  This is a man that not once! used his presidential power to call for an emergency assembly of the Croatian parliament.  Given that he is very outspoken in criticizing everything and anything in Croatia; from Thompson concerts to the horrific tragedy that befell those poor souls that died defending against a fire in Sibenik, you would think the man would have been quite constructive.  Not the case.

What he has done, though, is the exact opposite.  He has stirred quarrel and divided the nation.  He has opened old wounds and created a critical neo-Yugoslav mass that is very hell-bent on destroying Croatian sovereignty.  The Yugo-nostalgic bunch in Croatia has now metastasized into a force that views Mesic as a (post)modern Titoist figure.  These are folks that never recovered from the damning destruction of what was once Yugoslavia.  They hate Croat patriots and Croatian emigres, much like many Cubans hate Cuban patriots and Cuban emigres.  The reason?  Trapped in a communist society, without basic freedoms and human rights; brainwashed by state media and party strong-men, the, as Kissinger would call them, “useless eaters” are bound to their leader that can do no wrong.  And they are following him directly to a new Yugoslavia.

Would Fidel testify against his country-men at a war-crimes tribunal?  Would the butcher Tito have done anything in his power to jail his generals?  Just so we don’t get lost in this dangerous juxtaposition, Tito and Fidel are guilty of the most heinous political crimes in history.  But the two would never do anything to undermine their respective Yugoslav and Cuban communist states.  As history would have it, not even Franjo Tudjman was sent before a politicized international court by Tito.  But there is no doubt, were he able, that Mesic would have done all in his power to accomplish just that.  For it was Mesic and his Yugoslav Secret Service presidential administration that framed Croatia’s most celebrated general.  A man that fought not for political ideology and totalitarianism, but for freedom of a small people that thirst for the fruits of liberty.

My apologies to Cuban emigres in The United States

While most Cuban-Americans live for the day that Fidel (his brother and potential successors) part from this world; and while most Cuban-Americans know all to well about the suffering of their people, so dumb-downed and brainwashed by Cuban communists -trapped in a never ending spiral of Stockholm syndrome- I, as a Croat-American, apologize to you.  I not only apologize, I empathize.  Let it also be known, while the Croatian “diaspora” has always been the bastion of Croatian freedom-loving patriotism, she, too, has failed in opposing the soft-oppressor Mesic.  It is unlikely that Croats around the world will celebrate the end of Mesic’s reign, like Cuban-Americans plan to pack the Orange Bowl to celebrate Fidel’s death.

I apologize that a man that leads the nation of my parents visits the political captor of your brothers and sisters in Havana.  I’m sorry that the Croatian people, having tasted freedom, chose to elect a man (twice) that would valorize and esteem your captivator with a state visit.  But while the international press rightly ignore’s Mesic’s hiatus in Havana, the not-so-free politically controlled Croatian press is elated over Mesic’s latest endeavor.  For in Croatia, my brothers, sisters and cousins do not experience a hard totalitarianism like in Cuba.  They are victims of a soft oppression executed by coercion and media saturation.

You see, unlike Castro, Mesic doesn’t have an opposition to jail, maim and kill.  He is backed by forces much more sophisticated in the art of social and political manipulation.  We, the opposition, have been relegated to the internet, our emigre communities and the very few last-standing fountains of free speech in Croatia.  Nor are we ready to forcefully change the course of Croatia’s looming demise.

Croatia as Bizarro-land

While Mesicistas face no serious opposition willing to make sacrifices for much-needed change, the president slaps them in the face, time and again.  By deploying his wards in the media and political arenas, the weakest and most bizarre figures (aside from himself) are projected as being an opposition, with the sole purpose and intent to destroy any determined rivalry.  The Mesicistas constantly portray clown-like extremists and blowhards as the “opposition,” while his real contenders are stereo-typed and ostracized.

How bizarre is Mesic’s Croatia?  It was not so long ago that Stjepan Mesic publicly depicted the termination of 12 Croatian generals, among them, Ante Gotovina, who 9 years ago signed a letter! of protest to the prevailing anti-Croatian hysteria (led by Mesic), as the spoiling of a “coup attempt!!!”

Not only did Mesic dismiss 12 of Croatia’s leading military commanders, making them prey to politicized war-crimes tribunals, he has described the act as his greatest of decisions.

Michael Jackson had Never-Never Land, Mesic has an entire country.

Frano Budimlic

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