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2006.02.22. – Croatian Worldwide Association – Mladic: Captured or Not?

News agencies have reported differing facts on the capture and arrest
of Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic who was indicted by the ICTY in

It has been over ten years and Mladic has evaded
capture. Carla Del Ponte’s spokeswoman Florence Hartmann announced
today in the The Melbourne Herald Sun (Feb. 22):  According
to the Hague Tribunal’s knowledge "there is not even an operation
ongoing" to find Ratko Mladic.  On the same note, it can be assumed
there is no operation in place to find war criminal Radovan Karadzic;
and it looks as though Milosevic is more than likely to go to Moscow.
Hague injustice continues while Croatian General Gotovina is in prison
for crimes he did not commit.  Even the British popular Guardian
reported today how General Gotovina brought peace to Croatia and
Bosnia-Herzegovina: "Mladic’s army, however, crumbled in the face of a
Croatian offensive from the west, paving the way for the Dayton peace

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