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2005.12.04. – Connor Vlakancic

U.S. Senator from California, candidate (I) November 2006
Preamble: Those who forget or negate the lessons of history
are doomed to repeat and suffer anew.
This communiqué
will address closely related relevant issues of: US Congressional
Resolution # 529. Recognizing Croatia as a functioning democracy,
with stable institutions guaranteeing the rule of law, human rights
and market economy is the entirety of an appropriate justification
for Congressional Resolution #529. Nothing else needs to be referenced
… period!

Croatia must
not be lost to United Nations (the entity) incompetence. Indeed,
Croatia must implement its leadership position of Central Europe.
General Gotovina
served the international interests that wanted an end of Serbian
aggression toward the separate Balkan nation states that were inappropriately
cast as "the spoils of war" in the Crimea (Yalta) Conference,
February, 1945. Yugoslavia became the expediently discarded, "spoil"
discard-able to Marshal Josip Broz Tito. Tito was his own brand
of communist and commanded his own brand of deliberate intentional
real atrocities for all the years of his power. However, Tito was
not indicted by the HAGUE for any crimes against humanity.
General Gotovina
is implicated in 4 August 1995 to 7 August 1995 events when Republic
of Croatia launched "Oluja" or "Storm" ("Operation
Storm"), with the objective of returning the Krajina region
to Croatian sovereign control for his field command authority as
being personally responsible for anything and everything, however
perpetrated or performed by anybody that participated in that operation,
occurring during that dramatically frantic uncontrollable time.
This operation
was greatly appreciated and supported in factual ways by "western
governments" as convenient to reverse the Serbian aggression
on Croatia that was perpetuated by the many embarrassing bungling
UN failures particularly those under the misdirection of Butro-Butros
General Gotovina
is now looked upon by convenient mentality as to be discard-able
for the seemingly possible expediency of Croatia’s NATO membership.
While Croatian membership in NATO is truly valuable from many international
view points, General Gotovina future is genuinely critical to the
vital future of Croatia, Central Europe, all of Europe and the Americas.
All political absent minded beware … do not trifle with this
man, for you trifle at your own peril! He is to the Croatian people
in 2005 as General Eisenhower was to the American people in1953!!
Do not underestimate
the commanding attraction of this genuine hero when every hope for
Croatia’s future is in quandary. America has many examples of wartime
Generals as heroes. America yet still overflows with the money and
influence that rocks the world with much of this in the hands of
the Croatian Diaspora. The Croatian Diaspora in America raised the
money to win the Croatian fight for freedom and the fight is not
completed. Increasingly so, the Croatian Diaspora in America has
grown very tired of bungling Croatian Government leaders (sic).
Now incredibly, Prime Minister Ivo Sanader proposes reparations
to various nationals that were expelled from the then Yugoslavia
by communist Marshal Tito in hopes of advancing his political profile
among NATO and EU members.
General Gotovina
could actually decide to present himself to the ICTY at HAGUE. Why
and how could this happen? Why! As General Eisenhower followed WW2
with his election to President of the United States, so too, this
is the future for General Gotovina. How! The ONLY acceptable circumstance
for General Gotovina to do so is as a warrior soldier with a proper
substantial legal defense fund to conquer the blatant bungling incompetence
of ICTY’s Chief Prosecutor, Carla del Ponte. With a substantial
legal team, it would be dramatically to the advantage of Croatia’s
future to showcase the fallacy and failure of the ICTY.
Croatia’s elected
and very self-anointed plutocrats have failed to provide financial
legal support for its internationally recognized news reporters
who repeated details of HAGUE testimony following identical posted
information on HAUGE websites thus being widely distributed by other
international news sources. We can all factually conclude that the
Croatian SABOR own brand of rampant "convenient mentality"
has abandoned General Gotovina as it has abandoned the defenders
of Croatia whose lives were sacrificed in Vukovar.
The solution
and mandate is enormously obvious, General Gotovina, the warrior,
needs a substantial legal defense fund to counterattack the dysfunctional
HAGUE tribunal to exonerate himself and the soldiers and civilians
who were allowed to perish as victims of UN incompetence. This is
a battle that he could and would win to launch him as the future
President of Croatia.
If US Congressional
Resolution #529 is to actually commend and recommend Croatia (as
a state and its government that has been elected by its people)
for its progress as a national state worthy of advancing its international
standing to commence formal integration processes to achieve NATO
membership, then it should simply do so on the basis of since achieving
their independence, the people of Croatia have built a democratic
society, based on the rule of law, respect for human rights, and
a free market economy.
Croatia as a functioning democracy, with stable institutions guaranteeing
the rule of law, human rights and market economy is the entirety
of an appropriate justification for Congressional Resolution #529.
Nothing else needs to be referenced … period!
Connor Vlakancic,
U.S. Senator from California, candidate (I) November 2006

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