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2005.12.04. – Ante Lauc

and respected American politicians
can not believe that you could vote against our small nation,
our fight for freedom, our need for freedom. You are free
nation, but if you will be against our freedom you will not
be free as your are free now……

am not taliban, i am against terroristic method, but i do know how to fight
freedom. Your former leaders (Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy etc.)
DID know
how to achieve freedom. I worn you to be conscious Tuesday (December
when you will vote within scenario which was written against my
nation. Do
know – it is against me, against my nation and against any nation
who need
to develop freedom, as you have done brilliantly in your history.
Are you
traitor against your founders and lovers of freedom? Are you really
developing freedom in my country? One hour ago I could not believe
it, but I
have just received mail about voting on Dec 6.

Now I can only pray that
God, not Satan, control your voting. After voting
I and my countrymen will fight as we did for centuries. I do know
that God
will help us, as HE did it for centuries. Our own traitors many
times sold
our freedom to others, but it is behind us now. We have learned
that freedom
is the most important issue and we will never, never allow anybody
to make
us against slaves and servants.

Best regards


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- Stranica se trenutno korigira - Page is under construction -