2009.07.26. - Tuđman II

What a pleasure it was to read the initial slander-pieces in Croatia's Leftist press shortly after Miroslav Tudjman recently announced his candidacy for President of the Republic of Croatia. They are trembling with fear. The old communist regime is at it again, having unleashed its media pit bulls in the pages of Jutarnji, Slobodna Dalmacija and other tabloid trash.
Surely, the attacks will mount as the year passes and we gain closer to the presidential elections. Tudjman's candidacy does not come as a surprise, and the old regime is well-prepared to stage a relentless attack in the media that they control-- through and through. They are prepared to spin Tudjman's lineage as a stone strung around his neck. But it is actually his last name that will, hopefully, give him the edge come election time.
Miroslav Tudjman announcing his candidacy for president comes as a breath of fresh air amid the Yugoslav stink that emanates from Zagreb these days. Stjepan Mesic's treasonous presidency is, not without dire consequence and negative repercussion, thankfully, coming to an end.
Miroslav literally wrote the book on Mesic's presidential record ( Vrijeme Krivokletnika), analytically dissecting and exposing his treasonous ways, and binding them between hard covers. It's way to early to speculate, but Miroslav Tudjman succeeding Mesic would be a total about-face for the nation-- change that is desperately needed.
Tudjman II - Croatia's Last Chance?
Among the many, many instances of treason and betrayal that have ripped Croatia at the seams over the last 10 years, I will mention only the most treasonous: General Ante Gotovina, a symbol of Croatian victory and determinism, was caught and transferred to The Hague. A list of all the anti-Croatian acts committed since the death of Miroslav's father would not fit into this column, nor would they, I fear, fit into many more. But the betrayal of Gotovina truly does encompass the length, width and breadth of just how intent Croatia's post-Tudjman rulers were in destroying the essence of a nation.
In the 10 years since Franjo Tudjman's death, Stjepan Mesic, Ivica Racan and Ivo Sanader competed with each other in the destruction of a successful nation-state that they inherited. They promised early accession to the European Union - they have been denied. They promised Croatia would be "democratized" - they lied. In fact, Croatia was more democratic, by western standards, during Tudjman's reign than today. President Franjo Tudjman was dubbed a "nationalist," an "autocrat," - mostly by the influence of the treasonous "elites" that control Croatia's press, TV and radio airwaves. But recent international studies attest to the fact that, for instance, the media was more free during Franjo Tudjman's rule than is the case today.
The ruling elites promised that Croatia would join NATO - she did. But, lest we forget, it was Franjo Tudjman, along with Minister of defense, Gojko Susak, that established -from scratch- Croatia's military force; fusing make-shift bands of heroic volunteers and professional patriot legionaries, to constitute a winning team that forged Croatia's liberation.
Much has been written about Croatia's competent, modern, and fierce armed forces. Unfortunately, it is rarely mentioned that Franjo Tudjman's son, Miroslav, had a key role in the establishment of Croatia's security services. Miroslav Tudjman served his nation valiantly, having ordered and executed key covert operations crucial to Croatia's liberation. Tudjman Jr. handled the unenviable task of coordinating Croatia's security forces, proving to be nonexpendable to Croatia's future. Contrary to both Mesic and Sanader, he himself is a very big reason Croatia was able to join NATO to begin with.
In stark contrast, the ruling "elites" have brought Croatia to the brink of, not Euro-Atlantic integration, but to Balkan re-integration. Another economic, and perhaps, in the very near future, political reunion with Croatia's neighbor to the East. Croatia's maneuverability on the foreign plane was, to be honest, never too great and certainly unenviable. Thanks to elites that have ruled her in the last decade, her maneuverability is now totally non-existent.
Domestically, Croatian politics are a laughing-stock of never-ending, overtly neo-communist demagoguery. The political and media elites have successfully pitted groups of Croat society against each other, having destroyed what unity was achieved during the war years. Old controversies are persistently recast in the press, while the memory of the Homeland war has been all but destroyed.
Even while the Slovenes excavate the remains of Croats murdered in '45, the so-called "anti-fascists" (Yugoslav demagogues) hail their, it appears, immortal dictator - Tito. This poisonous cocktail is served to Croatian society on a day-to-day basis with two key objectives: 1) Conceal the depth of their own treason and criminal ways (2) Silence any and all opposition to their rule by depicting their opponents as "right-wingers."
Being labeled a "right-winger" in Croatian public life is all it takes for you to be successfully removed. The Yugoslav Left, yes, the Yugoslav Left (Croatia's political spectrum does not in any way, shape or form resemble any classic Left/Right paradigm existent in modern Western nations) has pushed the pendulum so far in its favor, that it is currently politically suicidal to espouse pride in one's nation or, God forbid, support a patriotic platform. They have reduced the Croatian identity to that of the red and white checkers on Croatia's soccer jersey. For the nation to survive, this must change.
Miroslav Tudjman Will Revive Croatian Patriotism
Miroslav Tudjman possesses a charisma that differs from that of his late father. Being not a good speaker and lacking the statesman-like appearance of his father, Miroslav compensates with an intellectual and cumbersome approach to state affairs. His presence alone would sober Croatia's chaotic and ridiculous political affairs.
Unlike Stjepan Mesic, who continually suffers from an inescapable Franjo Tudjman-complex that has riddled and over-shadowed his disastrous presidency, Miroslav strives to be a serious statesman.
Unlike Mesic, Miroslav Tudjman did not treasonously testify against his nation at The Hague.
He has continuously upheld national standards and made national interests his profession. He has repeatedly committed himself to the unity of the nation, refusing to partake in a never-ending public "debate" that is based on old controversies and "history" that serve no purpose but to divide the small nation and fester divisiveness and pure havoc. Tudjman JR. will, once again, mend old wounds and again make it legitimate to be a Croat patriot.
The Diaspora Will Deal The Final Blow
If you are tired and bitter; if you can't stand the treasonous ways of the Mesic-UDBa-HDZ-SDP monopoly in Croatia-- that uses its every chance to disrespect and degrade the massive Croatian Diaspora, you will give your vote to Miroslav Tudjman.
He has, time and again, promised to restore old glory and preserve the nation's heroic foundations. At the very least, he deserves the benefit of doubt.
Who will, after all, merit the trust and the dedication of the eternally-loyal Croatian emigre? Will it be a Mesic-type traitor? Will it be Vesna Pusic? A woman that, in Croatia's very own parliament, proudly declared that Croatia committed aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina - the granddaughter of Yugoslav Monarchists that took part in the slaughter of Croatian protesters at Jelacic Square in 1918? Will it be Nadan Vidosevic-- HDZ's latest candidate that has grossly enriched himself during Croatia's privatization-- he is nothing short of a criminal tycoon, similar to those that have emerged from the former Eastern Bloc?! Will it be SDP's Jurcic, a man that, much like Zagreb's mayor, Milan Bandic, can't decide between Croatian patriotism and Karl Marx? Will it be SDP's other candidate, Ivo Josipovic, a neo-communist stickler and law professor that encourages the persecution of Ante Gotovina?!?
For the Croat patriot at home and abroad, it will be Miroslav Tudjman.
At the very least, his last name alone occupying the presidential office will heal the many wounds of the ravaged Croatian heart -- torn to pieces since the death of his father.
Frano Budimlic